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New products
AEC Actuator with electric drive
ARD-DB Pressure regulator with pressure system for blocking the minimum and maximum expand
ARD PG Tank blanketing valve
ARL-A Axial regulator valve
GHA Gas over oil actuator
ISM Magnetic level indicator
RF WOG Double eccentric butterfly valve
RIV CB Globe valves bidirectional
RSD BB Double Block &Bleed Ball Valve
RSD-CS Top entry ball valve
RSD-PIG Pig ball valve
RS-MM Expand shutter valve
SAR Venting valve
SVD Disc tank venting valve
SVM Diaphragm tank venting valve

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Industry Agriculture Petrochemistry Transports

S.C. FEPA S.A. Barlad, Romania, a totally private capital company - 7.000.000 euro, total area - 68.808 mp, manufacturing area - 14.357 mp, employees - 480, is one of the most efficient companies among the equipment manufacturers for industrial technological processes automation from South Eastern Europe. The cumulated experience in over 30 years of existence, completed by the latest technologies in this field, is placing us among the leaders of Romanian market of pneumatic equipment manufacturers for industrial technological processes automation.

When it comes to retechnologization or to new investments, our products find their place on the domestic and international market. Starting from the main applications in industry of oil and natural gases extraction and processing industry, metallurgy, machines building, thermic energy and water - our objective aimed at the diversification and the covering of a large area from other branches of industry like:

  • the automotive and railway industry;
  • the cement industry;
  • the cellulose and paper industry ;
  • the alimentary industry.
Although the technological leaps were small, their systematic nature determined their effect to be remarkable, from the point of view of the customer' s satisfaction, the company always trying to provide the most modern products and services.
For manufacturing its products, S.C. FEPA S.A. uses both conventional technologies (cuttin off, pressing/compressing, forging, casting zinc, aluminium alloy die-casting, plastic injection, rubber vulcanization, heat treatment, turning, planing -slotting, milling, diving, drilling-reaming-threading, broaching, welding, soldering/brazing, grinding, electro-erosion, electrochemical coating, painting) and non-conventional technologies (physical vapour deposition, vacuum thin film deposition, vacuum heat treating in/out of a controlled atmosphere, degassed liquids filling, electron beam or laser welding).

The customers are our first priority by offering them high-quality services and products, this being a pursued and announced aim through guaranteeing a high quality of the manufactured products.